Tere Hamsafar Geet Hain Tere (THGHT)

कुछ गाने पंचम के - A series of songs composed by Rahul Dev Burman aka Pancham

Friday, September 24, 2004

juuThe tere nain (Dil Padosi Hai)

Though Asha clearly starts with 'juuThe', in the antaraa her pronunciation sounds muddled up between 'juuThe' (Is there a way to explain it in English? Someone please help.) and 'jhuuThe' (False). Actually she seems to be juggling between the two.

As informed by Gulzar and Asha later in interviews, the word meant indeed is 'juuThe', but then they talk only about the mukha.Daa. There are places in the first antaraa where jhuuThe would make equal, if not better, sense (e.g. 'jhuuThe inake bain') and considering Gulzar's penchant with such word-play, it doesn't seem improbable too. Asha's pronunciation (or incapability of my hearing it more clearly) makes one think about that possibility as well. Yet, I have transcribed it 'juuThe' (or forms of it) everywhere and feel it is the correct/intended word.

Superb song.

(जूठे तेरे नैन
जूठे तेरे नैन
सौतन की छब छू के आये
सौतन संग बिताई रैन) -2
जूठे तेरे नैन -2

हो इन अँखियन का नमक पराया
इन अँखियन का नमक पराया
इन अँखियन की जूठी छाया
जूठे इनके बैन
जूठे इनके बैन
हाँ हाँ जूठे इनके बैन
जूठे तेरे नैन ... ||1||

हो और किसी की प्यास है इनमें
और किसी की प्यास है इनमें
सौतेली\-सी आस है इनमें
कैसे पावें चैन
कैसे पावें चैन
हाँ हाँ कैसे पावें चैन
जूठे तेरे नैन ... ||2||

In ISB format:

% ITRANS Song #
\stitle{juuThe tere nain}%
\film{Dil Padosi Hai (Non-Film)}%
\music{R D Burman}%
% Audio on: HMV
% Contributor: Vinay P Jain
% Transliterator: Vinay P Jain
% Date: 10 Sep 2004
% Series: Sugam Sangeet, THGHT
% Comments:
% generated using giitaayan

(juuThe tere nain
juuThe tere nain
sautan kii chhab chhuu ke aaye
sautan sa.ng bitaaii rain) \-2
juuThe tere nain \-2

ho in a.Nkhiyan kaa namak paraayaa
in a.Nkhiyan kaa namak paraayaa
in a.Nkhiyan kii juuThii chhaayaa
juuThe inake bain
juuThe inake bain
haa.N haa.N juuThe inake bain
juuThe tere nain \threedots ||1||

ho aur kisii kii pyaas hai iname.n
aur kisii kii pyaas hai iname.n
sautelii\-sii aas hai iname.n
kaise paave.n chain
kaise paave.n chain
haa.N haa.N kaise paave.n chain
juuThe tere nain \threedots ||2||