Tere Hamsafar Geet Hain Tere (THGHT)

कुछ गाने पंचम के - A series of songs composed by Rahul Dev Burman aka Pancham

Tuesday, January 07, 2003

sharm aatii hai magar (Padosan)

It is known to all followers of good music that R D Burman brigade pretends to like his good songs much against its wishes. If this song were composed by (say) S D Burman, it would have been deemed a glorification of old music. What it really is is plain old (alas, but only old since new music scorns good tunes) adornment to music. And who knows; some cynics suspect all good RDB songs were SDB's presents to him. Now and then, a disinterested student produces a beautiful essay. Then the teacher points out its quality to the youngster, not yet into his teens, and asks simply - Did your parents help you out with this? In the recess, the intrepid youngster, not a bit abashed, confides to his friends that even the handwriting in the essay was his mother's but that the shocked teacher was probably not paying attention to the handwriting. I leave it to veteran RDB observers to decide where this case stands and whether RDB made any confession while he enjoyed his paanii-purii (or butter chicken or sushi or roshogollah) with them.


R D Burman has several good songs to his credit. His singing can be fascinating. But to hear his voice, one has to wade through a lot of mud of ugly instrumentation. So I stay away. But he has given two songs without which universe would have been poorer. The Lata solo in his first film Chhote Nawab (ghar aajaa ghir aaye badaraa)
is one such. And 'sharm aatii hai magar' is the other.

- dn

\stitle{sharm aatii hai magar}%
\starring{Sunil Dutt, Saira Banu, Kishore Kumar, Mehmood}%
\music{R D Burman}%
\lyrics{Rajinder Krishan}%
% Contributor: dhananjay naniwadekar
% Date : 07 jan 2003
% Credits :
% Comments: THGHT (RDB) Series

sharm aatii hai magar aaj ye kahanaa hogaa
ab hame.n aap ke qadamo.n hii me.n rahanaa hogaa

aap se ruuTh ke ham jitanaa jiye Kaak jiye
ka_ii ilzaam liye aur ka_ii ilzaam diye
aaj ke baad magar kuchh bhii na kahanaa hogaa

aap ke pyaar kaa biimaar hamaaraa dil hai
aap ke Gam kaa khariidaar hamaaraa dil hai
aap ko apanaa ko_ii dard na sahanaa hogaa