Tere Hamsafar Geet Hain Tere (THGHT)

कुछ गाने पंचम के - A series of songs composed by Rahul Dev Burman aka Pancham

Thursday, May 01, 2003

machal machal jaataa hai dil (Ram Tere Kitne Naam)

George wrote:

Another song from RAM TERE KITNE NAAM, this one featured in Panchamrit 4 (aka the final edition), and also proved to be the most difficult one in the quiz. For a description, I have taken the liberty of borrowing from querents Vinay and Shashi:

"Even a sore throat and cold could not repress Lata from singing this romantic ditty penned by Gulshan Bawra. The song speaks of expectant love - the excitement of fulfillment expressed with guitars and the joy of impending commitment played on rhythmic Dholaks. Each instrument is singing out the joy"

% ITRANS Song #
\stitle{machal machal jaataa hai dil}%
\film{Ram Tere Kitne Naam}%
\starring{Sanjeev Kumar, Rekha}%
\music{R D Burman}%
\lyrics{Gulshan Bawra}%
% Audio On: CBS
% Contributor: George Thomas (georgethomas@despammed.com)
% Transliterator: George Thomas (georgethomas@despammed.com)
% Editor: Vinay P Jain
% Date: May 01, 2003
% Series: Tere Hamsafar Geet Hain Tere (THGHT)
% Comments:
% generated using giitaayan

(machal machal jaataa hai dil) \-2
soch kal kii baate.n
(machal machal jaataa hai dil
soch kal kii baate.n
ab to apane hii din ho.nge ho.ngii apanii raate.n o raate.n) \-2
machal machal jaataa hai dil

(tuu kyaa jaane tere bin vo din kaise biite) \-2
ek terii aas thii varnaa ham nahii.n jiite
(mai.n huu.N raanii tu hai raajaa) \-2
taaro.n kii baaraate.n
ab to apane \threedots

(kahii.n apanaa chhoTaa saa ghar hogaa pyaaraa pyaaraa) \-2
baa.NT le.nge ham jiivan kaa dukh sukh saaraa
(ho.ngii apane aa.Ngan me.n phir) \-2
pyaar kii saugaate.n
ab to apane \threedots

(ek pal judaa naa ho.n ham mil jaa_e.N aise) \-2
do lahare.n ek duuje se mil jaa_e.N jaise
(rah rah ke yaad aa_e.Ngii) \-2
pahalii mulaaqaate.n
ab to apane \threedots


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