Tere Hamsafar Geet Hain Tere (THGHT)

कुछ गाने पंचम के - A series of songs composed by Rahul Dev Burman aka Pancham

Thursday, December 26, 2002

diiwaaro.n kaa ja.ngal (Deewar)

Here's another Pancham composition that never made it past the vinyl onto the silver screen. Thankfully, tape and CD releases of the soundtrack retain the song. Wonder if they ever picturised this? Or was this meant to be the title song (the theme that exists instead is a good one, in any case, and replicated in numerous films that

Pancham probably loved the tune (not as much as the SAAGAR jalpari motif, which he pursued as late as 1993 in AAJA MERI JAAN) enough to reuse it in the poor variation on the KHATTA MEETHA theme, HAMAARE TUMHAARE {ISB song number 68}. The only trace of the song in DEEWAR is a string section playing the melody when Vijay (Amitabh) stares out of Daavar's (Iftekhar) window and the screen splits with a closeup of
Vijay on the right and a faded shot of Nirupa Roy and the little Vijay and Ravi walking on the "cruel streets of Bombay".

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% ITRANS Song #
\stitle{diiwaaro.n kaa ja.ngal}%
\starring{Amitabh Bachchan, Shashi Kapoor}%
\singer{Manna Dey}%
\music{R D Burman}%
% Audio On: Polygram/MIL
% Contributor: George Thomas (georgethomas@despammed.com)
% Transliterator: George Thomas (georgethomas@despammed.com)
% Editor: Vinay P Jain
% Date: Dec 26, 2002
% Series: Tere Hamsafar Geet Hain Tere (THGHT)
% Comments: The song was never used in the film. An instrumental
% fragment, however, can be heard during the split screen
% as Vijay (Amitabh) remembers his mother guiding him and
% his brother on the cruel streets of Bombay.
% generated using giitaayan
diiwaaro.n kaa ja.ngal jisakaa aabaadii hai naam
baahar se chup\-chup lagataa hai a.ndar hai koharaam

diiwaaro.n ke is ja.ngal me.n bhaTak rahe insaan
apane\-apane ulajhe daaman jhaTak rahe insaan
(apanii vipadaa Cho.Dake aaye)\-2
kaun kisii ke kaam
baahar se chup\-chup lagataa hai a.ndar hai koharaam

(siine Kaalii aa.Nkhe.n suunii cheharo.n par hairaanii) \-2
jitane ghane ha.ngaame isame.n utanii ghanii viiraanii
(raate.n kaalii subahe.n mujrim) \-2
mulzim hai har shaam
baahar se chup\-chup lagataa hai a.ndar hai koharaam


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