Tere Hamsafar Geet Hain Tere (THGHT)

कुछ गाने पंचम के - A series of songs composed by Rahul Dev Burman aka Pancham

Friday, November 22, 2002

kaisii lag rahii huu.N mai.n (Jhootha Sach)

Another of those classic Pancham-Majrooh songs. Lata, past her prime, puts in the grace nevertheless, that the song asks for. Kishore is in his usual 80s style - heavy, mature, convincing and yet naughty when required. Everything fits in the song. Majrooh puts the 'chhe.D' in
the song in his masterly way. And Pancham goes on to show that even in 1984, you could have as good a light romantic song as it can ever get.

This song also reminds me to share an observation with you. I have found it very common with his songs to have some beautiful antaraas, at times with complex melodic patterns, plus some great work done in the interludes, and yet have a simple, even at times unattractive, mukh.Daa.
That's where, IMHO, most of the beauties of Pancham are hidden - in the antaraas and the body of his songs. That's one reason why unless one listens to him full, one is sure to miss a lot. And also on the other side, the more one listens of him, the more one gets fascinated.

Okay. Here I stop. That's, as I said, just one personal generalised observation. Needless to say, opinions can differ. But still here's a personal advice - Never judge a Pancham song merely by its mukh.Daa.

% ITRANS Song #
\stitle{kaisii lag rahii huu.N mai.n}%
\film{Jhootha Sach}%
\singer{Lata, Kishore}%
\music{R D Burman}%
% Contributor: Vinay P Jain
% Transliterator: Vinay P Jain
% Date: Nov 22, 2002
% Comments: Tere Hamsafar Geet Hain Tere 13
% Audio on: HMV
% generated using giitaayan
kaisii lag rahii huu.N mai.n
kahiye kyaa khayaal hai
bijaliyaa.N naa gir pa.De.n
ab to ye sawaal hai

merii nazar naa lag jaa_e
aajaa lagaa duu.N dilabar
teraa hii kaajal tere ruKHsaar pe
o~ ab kyaa nazar kaa laganaa
dil lag chuke hai.n dekho
khoye hai.n ik duuje me.n is pyaar se
ye meraa teraa milan kitanaa bemisaal hai..

ghu.NghaTaa giraa ke tho.Daa
mukha.Daa dikhaa ke tho.Daa
jab mai.n chaluu.N to tumako kaisaa lage
aa_egii aafat ko_ii
hogii qayaamat ko_ii
jiine nahii.n dogii tum
aisaa lage
ek hii jalawe me.n tum luT gaye kamaal hai..


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